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Dell have increased the costs of all equipment being sold to the UK since the Brexit vote due to the value of the pound dipping to a record low in 2016, and the price increase is still in effect.

Reasons for the Increase

The economic uncertainty has caused a large dip in the value of the pound, most large companies that work on an international scale such as Dell, have to factor in these changes on their pricing models in order to stay in profit when operating in the EU.

Dell component costs are in US dollars, despite the fact they manufacture the products across the globe, since the exchange rate dropped to an all-new low in 31 years in 2016 they have adjusted the prices on components sold to the UK accordingly.

This means consumers have to pay more for equipment and services provided, any office setups with new equipment could be around 10-15% more expensive.

Similar Reactions

Other large distribution companies such as Microsoft have increased the cost of both the equipment and the online-hosted services such as Microsoft Azure, Office 365 and some on premise services will all increase by up to 22%. HP have also increased prices by 10% to the UK.

What to do

Sadly there is nothing we can do except wait and see - the value of the pound has risen slightly in 2017 but is nowhere near what it was before.

If the value of the pound decreases even more, then expect Dell, HP and the rest to further increase prices. If the pound does well there is no guarantee that they will decrease the costs.

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