EC2IT have assisted us in numerous ways, one of the key features of having EC2IT come in house is their plethora of knowledge and proficiency to understand company culture.

Over the past several years EC2IT have assisted with procurement of equipment, ranging from Network devices, printers to every day peripherals. EC2IT have never undertaken a job and said it was too much of a mammoth task or a task that was beneath them, EC2IT have assisted with setup of our network, provided supported and fixed outages on several occasions, even in some instances out of hours.

EC2IT have a prolific understanding of our Mitel phone system, items from arranging group picks to even our welcome message were all handled by the team.

There have been numerous times where EC2IT have assisted with Onboarding new staff, again from junior staff to senior VP level, this is a huge credit to the EC2IT team.

We have undergone a fairly large office move a few years ago, with EC2 IT providing services from technical consulting through to cabling up meeting room equipment. We are now again undergoing an office move to a larger venue and EC2IT have outshone everyone as they have provided us with an inordinate amount of information and also highlighting any gotchas from the previous move.